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Some recipes !
Planche de foie gras
Serves 4 :
200 gr. Foie gras
8cl Pommeau Père Magloire
10 black grapes
10 green grapes
1 apple in caramelised cubes
1 apple cut into fingers
12 slices of gingerbread
20 gr of fig preserve salt,
peper in grains
1. Prepare the foie gras, take out the nerves and veins

2. Place the lobes in a clean jar and marinate them in the Pommeau for 30 minutes, with a little salt, sugar and pepper.

3. Put the lobes firmly in a terrine lined with film incorporating the preserve and the caramelised apple cubes in the centre of the terrine. Leave to cook in a water bath at 100°c for 30 minutes.

4. Leave in the refrigerator for 24 hours

5. Turn out and cut into portions to be served

6. Dress each plate (or ideally wooden boards) with 2 slices of terrine and decorate with the raisins, the apple fingers, 3 slices of gingerbread. Add a few grains of coarse salt and pepper grains before serving

Coquilles Saint-Jacques au Pommeau
Serves 4 : The Pommeau sauce:

600 gr scallops
400 gr onion
40 gr cultivated mushrooms
80 gr rice
40 gr diced courgettes
1 diced apple

400 gr onion
200 gr sugar
40 gr butter
50 cl Père Magloire Pommeau
100 cl apple juice
20 gr veal stock


1.  Prepare the Pommeau sauce: reduce the minced onion in the butter. Add the sugar. Leave to caramelise, the add the apple juice and the Pommeau. Add the the veal stock, leave to thicken before mixing the sauce.

2. Prepare the dressing: boil the rice, add to the browned mushrooms and diced courgettes.

3.  Brown the scallops and the diced apple for a few minutes in the butter.

4. Serve immediately with the vegetables and the Pommeau sauce
(serves 4)

2 flaky pastries
400 gr of Vire chitterling sausage
2 diced apples
2 finely minced shallots
8 cl Père Magloire Fine V.S. Calvados
80 gr butter
salt, pepper

The Camembert sauce:
40 cl liquid fresh cream
20 gr Camembert cheese

1.    Cut the flaky pastry into the desired shapes (e.g. 4 squares) then pre-cook them.

2.    Brown the shallots and the apple cubes in the butter. Add the sausage cut into slices and flambé all in the Calvados.

3.    Prepare the Camembert sauce: cut the cheese into pieces, and melt in the cream. Once the cheese
well melted mix the ingredients.

4.    Place the preparation of sausage and apple on 4 squares of flaky pastry and cover with 4 other squares. Leave in oven for 10 minutes at 180°C.

5.    Cover with the Camembert sauce. Serve immediately on a bed of lettuce



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