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Main dishes

Main dishes
Serves 4 :
80 gr lettuce
4 apples
4 tomatoes
200 gr croutons
120 gr Vire Chitterling sausage
120 gr cooked ham
120 gr smoked ham ( e.g. from the Manche region)
120 gr saveloy ( e.g. from the Cotentin region)
160 gr Livarot cheese
160 gr Pont l'Eveque cheese
160 gr Camembert cheese
20 cl thick cream
160 g de Camembert
20 cl de crème épaisse
1.  Cut the cooked meats into cubes

2.  Boil the potatoes

3.  Melt each cheese separately in the cream. Mix them once well melted.

4.  Serve the 3 fondues immediately with the lettuce, tomatoes, diced apple, croutons and the cooked potatoes cut into slices.

Chef’s suggestion: To improve this experience, accompany the Fondue with a glass (4 cl) of Père Magloire Héritage Extra Pays d'Auge Calvados per person.




Serves 4 :
200 gr lettuce
4 apples
8 potatoes
200 gr de croutons
240 gr poultry
240 gr veal
240 g de magret de canard
The Norman sauce :
200 cl Père Magloire Cider
200 cl fresh cream
1 diced apple
20 gr veal stock
40 cl apple juice


The Pommeau sauce:

 400 gr onion

200 gr sugar

40 gr butter

50 cl Pommeau

20 gr veal stock

100 cl apple juice 

 The Camembert sauce:

40 gr fresh cream

20 gr Camembert cheese

  Le bouillon :
60 cl Père Magloire Cider
V.S.O.P. Pays d'Auge Calvados  Père Magloire
Chef’s suggestion: You can also serve this fondue using fish.
In this case to serve four use 240 gr of salmon, 240 gr of hake, and 120 gr of scallops.

1.  Cut the meat into pieces.

2.  Prepare the sauces:
-    Norman: brown the apple cubes with the butter. Add the cider, apple juice, the cream and the veal stock; leave to cook for 5 minutes.
-    Pommeau: melt the minced onions in the butter. Add the sugar. Leave to caramelise, then, pour in the apple juice and the Pommeau. Add the veal stock, leave to thicken, then, mix the sauce.
-    Camembert: Melt the cheese in the cream. When the Camembert is completely melted, mix thoroughly.

3.  To prepare the stock: heat the cider on low heat and to it, according to taste, several centilitres of Père Magloire V.S.O.P. Pays d'Auge Calvados.

4.  Boil the potatoes. Serve the fondue accompanied by the sauces, with lettuce, apple cubes, croutons and the cooked potatoes cut into slices. At table cook the meat in the stock using a casserole (or a fondue set).

Serves 4 :
800 gr fillets of duck
200 gr stewed apples
200 gr wild or cultivated mushrooms
200 gr de courgettes
Butter, salt, pepper, parsley

The Norman sauce :
200 cl Père Magloire Cider
200 cl thick fresh cream
1 dice apple
20 g veal stock
40 cl apple juice
The mashed potato :
200 gr potatoes
40 gr butter
5 cl dmilk, salt, pepper
1. The vegetables: in a small casserole melt the butter and cook the mushrooms and diced courgettes

2.  The mashed potato: Peel and boil the potatoes. Pass them through a potato masher, add the butter in small cubes. Heat the milk, and add to the mash while beating. Season.

3.   The Normandy sauce: Brown the apple cubes with butter. Add the cider, apple juice, the cream and the veal stock: leave to cook for 5 minutes.

4.  Cook the magret over a brisk heat until pink then serve with the mashed potatoes and the vegetables: serve the Normandy sauce in a sauce boat. Add salt, pepper, parsley.

We thank the photograph Cedric Le Coadou for his artistic input; the recipes are illustrated by his photos taken in the restaurant Les Tonneaux du Père Magloire 



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